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Demand Justice

That was Barack Obama’s campaign promise back in 2008.

And now we know he kept his word. Scandal after scandal that the media covered up for him. From the illegal acts of the Justice department with Fast & Furious and Eric Holder to Secretary of State Hilary Clinton erasing subpoenaed emails to Vice President Joe Biden demanding the Ukrainian Government fire the prosecutor who was investigating his son, all the way to shipping cargo planes of cash to the Iranian government under the cover of darkness — Barack Obama led the most corrupt Anti-American government in the history of our country.

But we know that was not all. 

We have now learned that Barack Obama was actually calling the plays. Directing his people to to Politize the IRS under Lois Lerner to go after conservatives, to having the FBI lie to the courts, to the complete corruption of the FBI for the democrats to use in trying to IMPEACH Donald Trump. 
The list is long… and the American People deserve ANSWERS
THAT is why we are DEMANDING that the Justice Department and President Trump Investigate former President Barack Hussain Obama.

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